“Great Tutorial, Professor Shrock's Exercise Workbook for Beginning AutoCAD 2000 is a perfect tutorial for my eighth grade AutoCAD students! The text is easy for them to comprehend, and the exercises can be assigned as self-directed activities. The workbooks are a must for all Beginning / Intermediate Level AutoCAD teachers!”

Tim Brown, Teacher, Dept. of Tech
Fulton Jr. High, Fulton, NY

“I became frustrated after trying to wade through a terrible 1352-page "Mastering AutoCAD" book, and was looking for something less complicated. It looks like I found it! I will be teaching an AutoCAD class in the near future, but have to learn it myself first.”

H. Peterson, Ph.D.
Professor, Environmental Eng. Department
Montana Tech, University of Montana

"The book has helped from the start. Easy to navigate and understand. Not filled with useless information - direct and to the point. Prof. Shrock responded within 24 hours on related questions. Thank you for your assistance."

Phil E.

“Excellent books for someone who has no idea how to use AutoCAD. I went through the beginning book in less than two weeks, working on it every evening for a few hours. The books are very well explained, detailed, and step by step. You cannot get lost even if you tried. Prof. Shrock is very nice and helpful, should you find yourself stuck with any additional questions. Excellent job!!! Thank you Prof. Shrock!”

G. Ensar, Mechanical Eng.

"This workbook provides a clear and easy introduction to a very dense and complicated software. One's introduction to AutoCAD is crucial as there are so many things to take into to consideration at the beginning. It is common to get intimidated by the complexity and loose interest. This book invites people to begin creating immediately and gradually introduces important concepts. Well Done!"

Mike Jensen, AutoCAD vocational instructor

"Great self-study workbook!!! Step by step instructions and drawing exercises help enhanced my skills on AutoCAD 2000. I'd recommend this book to anybody who wants to learn AutoCAD on their own pace. Prof. Shrock also answers related questions."

T.M., recent civil engineering graduate

"“I want to thank you for writing this wonderful workbook for the beginning AutoCAD 2000. New to AutoCAD I am somewhat nervous to teach this difficult program to high schoolers but your workbook has given me a greater sense of knowledge in regard to what to do and how to do it. Thank you again!”

J. Todd, Architecture Teacher
John Jay High School, Cross River, NY

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