These errors will be corrected on the next printing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Errata for Beginning AutoCAD 2009 exercise workbook.

Page 2-23
3. Save the drawing as: EX2D

Page 8-12
“FIT THIS TEXT” height is missing.  Should be 1”

Page 12-10
Step 3.  All text height .125 except title.  Title height is .375

Page 17-15
Length of object should be 5.443

Page 26-36
F1. Confirm “Model” button showing.

Page 27-5
Added missing graphics.   Here is the revised page.

Page 27-14
Layer Wiring linetype should be “Dashed”

Page 28-7
Heading should be “Exercise 28B continued”

Page 29-4
Blocks should not be Annotative.

Page 29-11
Label Text Style should be “Class Style” and Ht. 1/8”

Page 29-12
Use Text Style “Standard” for any text.
Text should not be annotative style.

Measure should be 25-8

2008 Beginning Workbook printing errors

Page 21-6 is missing.  Here is the page.

Page 24-7,  Exercise 24D
            Step 3 instructions should be listed as 7 and 8.

Page 28-2.
            3 and 4 should be 28-3.

Page 29-10
            Step 1,  item 3.  should be 29-11
            Step 2.  item 2.  should be 29-12


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